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CS3 Application Forms

Consumers who require the use of electricity supply in a building for temporary (short-term / renovation / fit-out work) or permanent usage for business operation shall obtain consent from the Building owner as well as the appointed Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) of the building regardless of the capacity of electricity supply needed.

Temporary usage of power supply includes short-term usage for minor renovation work for tenanted area and events or long-term usage for construction and fit-out work. Permanent supply installation refers to final electrical installations that are ready for use and operation by consumers.

Consumers shall obtain consent for usage and supply connection by submitting their application request to the appointed LEW who is in charge of the supply source installation. Please download the below CS3 application forms and refer to the application guidelines provided. Instructions for submission can be found in Form-A. Applicants shall comply strictly with the submission instructions to avoid any delays for approval. Submission is only to be done via email. Applicants may email the completed forms (with SLD, layout drawings, COC, etc…) to us at

Upon receiving your application documents, our CS3 application engineer will reply to your enquiry within 3 working days.


1) CS3 Handbook (for Contestable Buildings)

2) CS3 Handbook (for Non Contestable Buildings)

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