LC Engineering Services.


Maintenance Servicing, Diagnostic Testing and Switchboard Installation

We make sure your electrical equipment and services are up to date and kept running with a series of tests, measurements and other maintenance services.

LC Engineering Services.

Our Services

  • Shutdown servicing of electrical HV / LV switch boards, transformer, motor panels, etc. 
  • Measurement of load / energy profile, power quality , harmonic disturbance on electrical equipment. 
  • Condition monitoring tests: partial discharge / ultrasound tests on HV switchboards, infra-red scanning on LV switchboards, DGA oil test on transformers, etc.
  • Commissioning Tests: Injection on protection relays, high voltage test, VLF cable test, equipment functional test, etc.
  • Installation of HV / LV Electrical Switchboards, Transformers, Power Cables, etc. 






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