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CS3 Application Forms

Consumers who require the use of electricity supply (temporary usage for renovation / fit-out work / permanent usage for business operation) in multi-tenanted buildings shall obtain consent from the Landlord as well as the appointed Building Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW).

For application of power supply connection to tenanted units, please download the below CS3 application forms and email the completed forms (with SLD, layout drawings, COC, etc) to us at

The application form document comprises of guidelines and instructions to guide applicants on the procedures as well as the connection requirements. 

Upon receiving your application documents, our CS3 application engineer will reply to your enquiry within 3 working days.


1) LCES-CS3 Form (Contestable) Rev 3May2019 – with SLD guide

2) LCES-CS3 Form (non-constestable) Rev. 22 Mar 2018 – with SLD Guide

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